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A Healthier Choice

Our Cooking Method

Many people ask us, how dowe keep the goodness of the kumara in, when traditional deep-fat-frying takes most of the goodness out? For years chefs have tried to make a crisp kumara chip using this method, but have failed, as this destroys the delicate kumara flavour and nutritional value. We have discovered a cooking technique which produces a kumara chip that is crisp, full of flavour and retains the kumara's natural nutrition. Compared to potato chips, Kenny's Kumara Chips are cooked at a lower temperature, using less oil and for a longer period of time.

Why is low temperature cooking so important to us?

Low temperature cooking not only preserves the natural colour and taste of the kumara, but also helps to retain more of its natural nutritional value. High temperature cooking would burn the Kumara's delicate natural sugars. We use a lower temperature in order to deliver a chip that is crisp, but not hard, burnt or overcooked.

What are the risks of high temperature cooking?

Recent research has shown that high-temperature cooking can have more than just an adverse effect on the nutritional content of food. In a three-year study carried out by the European Union, the formation of the potential carcinogen, acrylamide, in food was found to occur often during high temperature cooking of carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and bread. Excessive consumption of foods containing acrylamide over a long period of time is recognized to cause cancer and nerve problems. As Kenny's Kumara Chips are cooked at a low temperature, this method does not risk the formation of such harmful chemicals. We are proud to provide New Zealanders with both a safe and nutrient rich food.

Kenny's Kumara chips are a healthier alternative to traditional snack chips

Rich in Beta Carotene, high in dietary fibre, a good source of Vitamin A ; there are so many benefits to eating Kenny's Kumara Chips. They provide iron, calcium and are lower in fat, with no traceable trans fats whatsoever. For those who are Gluten free, these chips are also safe for you. Best of all, Kenny's Kumara Chips have that wonderful "sweet potato" taste.

For more information on the health risks of acrylamide, check out this article on the CBS news website:


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